Animation Movie - Sintel - a 3D-Animated Short Film HD  from The Kids Club - Children's Music

Animation Movie - Sintel - a 3D-Animated Short Film HD from The Kids Club - Children's Music

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 Sintel is the third animation movie produced by the Blender Foundation. This 3D animated short film was directed by Savannah College of Art and Design Student, Colin Levy. More details here: film "Sintel" is an independently produced short film, initiated by the Blender Foundation as a means to further improve and validate the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender. With initial funding provided by 1000s of donations via the internet community, it has again proven to be a viable development model for both open 3D technology as for independent animation film."Sintel" film by the Blender Institute commenced in May 2009, with producer Ton Roosendaal establishing a core team consisting of Colin Levy (director), David Revoy (concept art), Martin Lodewijk (story) and Jan Morgenstern (composer). In August script writer Esther Wouda was approached as a consultant, which resulted in her taking the responsibility for the entire screenplay. Esther then worked in close cooperation with Colin, David and Ton to deliver the final script early November. Meanwhile, Colin and David realized the first storyboards.Animated Full Movies & 3D Short Film PlaylistAnimation Full Movies - Animated Short Films HD - CGI & VFX Films - 3D Animated Movies short films & 3D full movies you may like:Animation Movies - Caminandes - 3D Animated Short Film Episode 1 HD Movie - Caminandes Episode 2 - 3D Animated Short Film HD Movies - A la Française - Funny 3D Animated Movie HD Full Movie - FAT - Funny 3D Animated Movie HD Movie - 3D Short Film - Full Animated Movies 2014 Movie - The Gooseberry Project Teaser Trailer - 3D Animated Film to Children Games TV, we bring you the best of cartoons, full games, full 3D movies, short films, animated cartoons, funny movies HD and episodes for adults, kids children and babies!Google+ Page: you want to submit your creation (animation, fan movie, movie trailer, short film, etc.) send us a message! Thanks for watching!Children Games TV: Comments:
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